Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pepsi Presents Wrigley Field?

So, I was reading one of my favorite sources of news and information (Jared's away message) when I stumbled across this link. Now, the gist of it is simple... the Chicago Cubs' ownership is thinking about selling. It's been known for a while that the team would go, but one thing has remained uncertain... would naming rights for Wrigley Field, one of the most historic and beautiful first-generation ballparks in the nation, be part of the deal?

It looks like the almighty dollar wins again.

Now, are we overreacting by getting upset about this? Possibly. But in a sport that hearkens back to some form of simplicity, where the uniforms are still not profaned by hideous ads (I'm looking your way, "soccer"...), there's no clock, and we don't make 'em play if the weather gets nasty, it's sad to see creeping corporatism. I had the good fortune of catching a game at Wrigley a few years ago, now that my sister lives just around the corner. Let me tell you, as a Fenway fan to the end, Wrigley is a beautiful, intimate, unique park. Will it lose all that charm if it picks up a corporate logo on that distinctive front sign? Probably not. But still, it's a change, and baseball hates change.

...on the other hand, this could be a massive opportunity/win-win situation for Wrigley Chewing Gum...

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