Monday, February 25, 2008

More pitching!

Great news in the Red Sox Nation today: the Sox have reached a minor league agreement with 35 year old right handed (former) flamethrower Bartolo Colon. This is an example of how this front office has been putting the Sox in a position to play great baseball: having the courage to go after big contracts and make controversial deals, but not making the rookie (read: Yankee) mistake of doing this at the expense of bargain players and prospects.

Colon is being characterized as "high reward, low risk," and that sums it up nicely. At best, we get a pretty steady rotation guy who throws a lot of innings. At worst, we are out a million bucks or so. I'm eager to see how he shapes up in spring training. When he was throwing well (2002-2003) he had a pretty well spotted fastball and a decent little sinker. Let's keep an eye on him, shall we?

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