Tuesday, February 26, 2008


In my first post I promised to borrow (outright steal) an idea from Bill Simmons and provide some weekly links for you. Being a rather proficient browser of the internet, and the friend of many an internet scouter, I come across many websites per week. Most of these websites suck, but some of them are worth a look!

The links I plan on giving you each week will be about anything so be prepared! If next to the link there is a giant NSFW (Not Safe For Work), it means do not open this link if you are in a place that frowns upon swearing/nudity etc. Don't worry, I'm not linking you any pornography ;) so most likely all NSFW tags will simply mean foul language (potty mouth).

How to Write a Hit song

A funny video with an explanation at the beginning. Essentially, a blogger asked a bunch of readers to send him phrases that don't sound quite right (ex. 'Frog in her ear') and he would put them to music and make a hit song. Came out pretty well if in my opinion.

Phases of the Luna Eclipse
A great shot of last weeks total lunar eclipse.

Air Powered Cars
From Popular Mechanics, a cool article on the possibility of Air compression as an alternative power source. The Front page of the NY times reports that the country should expect Gas prices of over 4$ a gallon so any ideas are good ideas.

Contacts of the Future
We currently live in the future. If you didn't realize this, you have not been paying attention. This is an article about the beginings of personal electronic visuals. I.e. you put on contacts which allow you to see information overlaying your normal view (Terminator Style). Obviously they are a long way from becoming available but a look into what some of the worlds best engineers are doing with their time is rather interesting.

5) (NSFW Maybe...)
You suck at photoshop
If you like sarcasm, you will like this video. A youtube clip of a guy 'teaching' photoshop. Actually part of a series which can be accessed in the related videos column on the side.

Half of Briton's claim no religion
Snagged from Digg. Goes to show how even countries we consider to be similar to ours have VERY different people. The majority of Americans believe evolution is a lie, half of the UK thinks God might be a lie. Although I am speaking in generalizations, not having a religion does not mean you don't believe in God.

Seed Banks Open!
This is a heartening link. I read an article about these vaults recently, and the first one is finally open! Essentially there will be several of these (maybe a dozen?) deep frozen vaults erected all over the world which will house preserved seeds from all varieties of crops. The vaults are being placed in out of the way places where they will be unlikely to be damaged should anything bad happen to the rest of the world (read: nuclear war). Kind of funny that we have to have a protection against ourselves.

Thats it for this week! Hopefully you'll enjoy them as I did. I should be back with a bigger post sometime in the next few days.

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