Saturday, February 23, 2008


First of all, what he said.

Secondly, you may be curious about the nature of this particular blog. "Jack of all blogs?" you may be saying to yourself, "what the dickens does that mean, precisely?"

Well the answer to that is simple, and can be found in the description that Jared schemed up for this internet idea-pile: "Because life isn't just about one thing." This is a blog about baseball (namely the feared and beloved Boston Red Sox) but it is also a blog about the preponderance of various colors and styles of packaged cheeses. Sure, I may post about presidential politics, but Jared might come right back with something about recombinant DNA (That's a Science term).

Speaking of Science - (capital "S" Science, of course) : You may notice that I speak frequently and adoringly of this subject. Do not confuse this enthusiasm with any knowledge. Basically I love Science because it provides me with incredible inventions and concepts, and anyone who doesn't is probably not very interesting.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by. Go ahead, bookmark us. Check back in a little while. Who knows what will have turned up by then.

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