Thursday, February 21, 2008

Welcome to the Blog

After walking the long and short of the internet, searching its various nooks and crannies and generally taking in the sites (pun intended) I said to myself, "Jared, you gotta be a part of this internet thing." Well, after a few failed ventures I decided that it was time to start a blog and express my thoughts on the world to all those wandering intellectuals and bored college students looking for an opinion to agree or disagree with. A few clicks of a mouse later and here I am, following the American dream: starting small but looking to the stars...

At least, that is how I wish the story went. Frankly, I think Rob was just tired of me filling our AIM windows with lines and lines of text about things he may or may not have cared about, but didn't feel like dealing with at 2:15 in the morning. Being the experienced Web browser that he is, he suggested we create a blog on this surprisingly simple website. A few days of name debates later --- and if this is the effort it takes to create a name for an internet blog, I immediately feel sorry for all parents who have to agonize over the names of their children. Granted, in life, repeats are allowed-- we pulled this website out of our hats.

Here is the part where I should put a description of myself, however, I have a feeling that all those who are reading this first post are personal friends of mine who felt pity for the poor Away Message advertising I will end up doing, and all those who read this blog in the future ( hopefully there will be many!) probably won't troll back this far. But if you must know: I am currently a Senior in College, graduating this May, I hail from a small (fairly large) town near the Heart (Hart) of these United States called Glastonbury (G-Burg, Gbury, Gburbs, G-town, etc). People might describe me, if they are being nice, as witty, funny, happy, good natured, easy going, and smart. If they are being mean they might say I'm argumentative, occasionally negative, lazy, easily distracted and arrogant. There is truth in all of these descriptions, and lacking any one of these would yield a different person. I am an avid reader of books, a watcher of films, a viewer of TV, player of Video games, a sports buff, and a science nerd. You bring up a topic to me and I will most defiantly have an opinion on it.

This is getting quite long for an introductory post (pretty arbitrary statement, I have no idea how long intro posts should be), so I'll cut to the chase:

What should you expect from this blog!

I plan to have one major post a week, with a few minor ones interspersed throughout. The major post will probably be filled with ramblings, arguments, opinions and random ideas. The smaller posts will probably include a Sports section(mainly about football, baseball, and odd sports), book, movie and video game reviews, and bios on cool people/events . I am also planning on taking a leaf out of the Book of Bill Simmons, a writer for and ESPN the magazine and having a post of weekly LINKS! These will probably be assorted links from around the internet that I have gathered and think are worth sharing, they will probably cover a wide variety of websites and topics.

Other than that, this being my first blog (other than live journal), I'll just have to call 'em as I see 'em. If the most this blog accomplishes is to cure you of your boredom for a few minutes, then I'll see it as a success, but hopefully, both you and I can get something more out of it.

In closing, welcome my friends. Come in. Its a crazy world out there. Sit with me around the warm glow of the screen, and take some shelter from the storm.


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Costibizzle said...

Lookit this kid, web logging. It's adorable.